What They Say About MommaFaye

“Winston-Salem NC’s MommaFaye Calder is a true natural comic who will entertain your audience, primarily by making you giggle, laugh and sometimes roll on the floor. This might be through her jokes, amusing situations, acting as in slapstick or employing prop comedy. She is often known to all of a sudden to break out in song! MommaFaye addresses the audience directly is called one of the funniest stand up comics in our area. You will LOVE her charm, wit and lovable personality!” – Atlanta area fan review

“I have known MommaFaye since she was just Faye and we were children in grade school. Even then she carried sunshine and laughter in her soul and shared it with all those around her. Today as MommaFaye she is one of the most hysterically, funny comedians around.  Catch her act. You won’t be disappointed!
Hysterically funny describes MommaFaye on a daily basis. when she’s on stage, be prepared, you might want to bring a pillow with you to land on when you fall out of your chair laughing!
MommaFaye is more than just funny. She is hysterically funny and lights the room up with her humor and smile. Love you, Momma Faye!”  – Gwen Harvey, Wilimington, NC

” I would just love to tell everyone about my friend: MommaFaye. She has a very quick wit as well as a sharp sense of humor. To anyone in her presence; you will love her. She makes you laugh but with a sincerity that a lot of other comedians cannot match.  You will greatly enjoy her as she also has sincerity in with her humor. You will always remember MommaFaye as a ‘little bundle of laughs.'” –  Patty Collins, Winston-Salem, NC